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General Liability

Municipal Law: Our attorneys serve as counsel and solicitors to various municipal entities, specializing in several unique legal fields, including land use planning, zoning, tax assessment and appeals, municipal liability and, in particular, the defense of Section 1983 lawsuits.

Premises Liability: We represent healthcare providers, businesses and homeowners in cases of general premises liability, and are also very experienced in representing clients involved in construction accidents.

Motor Vehicle Liability: Our attorneys possess extensive experience in litigating automobile cases and our familiarity with the medical and causation defenses pertaining to injuries give us a unique advantage over our opponents.

Personal Injury: PLF has years of experience in handling personal injury claims and suits, including accidents involving automobiles, tractor-trailers and pedestrians.

Product Liability: Our product liability group represents manufacturers and distributors in a wide variety of complex products cases.  We handle complex liability cases involving heavy equipment, industrial equipment, construction equipment, durable medical products and medical devices.

Criminal Law: Our Firm handles all types of criminal cases, from minor infractions such as traffic violations to the most serious felony charges and “white collar” crimes.

Professional Liability: The Perry Law Firm has represented hundreds of licensed  professionals, including attorneys, architects, and engineers.