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Mark Perry, John Hill, and Neil Wenner Present a Mock Jury Trial to Lehigh Valley Medical Society in Conjunction with PMSLIC/NORCAL

On Saturday, October 11, 2014, Mark, Neil and John participated in a mock jury trial for members of the Lehigh Valley Medical Society.  The all-day symposium was held at the Lehigh Valley Health Network Campus Auditorium in Allentown.  The program was co-sponsored by NORCAL/PMSLIC, and was entitled Strategies to Minimize Liability Risk.  John, Neil and Mark conducted the morning session of the program and presented a full-blown mock jury trial, starting with opening statements.  The presentation covered specific issues of interest, including Pennsylvania’s new “Apology Rule,” cross-examination on prior inconsistent statements, and the problems created by the electronic medical record, including dealing with the Audit Trail.